Monday, April 2, 2012

Lessons of Life Learned from Growing Wheat Grass

Hmmmm, what is that terrible looking picture of something that looks half dead?  Well hold with me for a second and I would like to share something that really made an impact on me and has changed my way of thinking.  What was I doing when I had this epiphany you ask?  Meditating?  Yoga?  Pondering life's mysteries? Nope... I was growing good ol' wheat grass.  

I could write all day about the health benefits of wheat grass, but that is not the intent of my post today.  I am going to write a profound life lesson that came to me while in the midst of growing this beautiful green grass.  

I was really excited to start growing wheat grass again.  I did all of the things necessary to get it going--soaked the wheat berries over night, sprouted them for 2-3 days and then dug dirt out of our garden plot, brought the dirt inside and let my children plant the wheat.  All was going great and it our wheat grass was growing well.  We watered it and put it in beautiful sunshine.  When it was ready to be cut it was looking lush and green.  Somehow from then until the time I took the picture I had missed my window of harvest.  Something had kept me from grabbing the opportunity of having phenomenal nutrition right at my fingertips.  

I learned two things from this experience:

1) In life there are windows of time in our lives when we can grab them and live life to the fullest, maximizing every moment in our sojourn here on earth, or.... we can let the opportunity pass and miss it.  Every moment has an expiration date on it.  It would say "this moment is deemed as unusable after the 'now'."   We take all of the time to cultivate our lives, like soaking, sprouting and planting the wheat.  But, if we do not seize the moment when it is presented, all of that work is as if for not.  

2) Surely there was something that kept me from harvesting that what grass.  I wanted it.  I had done all of the work for it.  Why hadn't I harvested it?  Well, I had an internal "block" that had kept me from doing it.  When I thought about that block afterwards, it seemed so clear.  I have not learned how to put the wheat grass juicer together.  I am totally dependent on my husband to help me do it.  He had been working some crazy long hours and had been coming home completely exhausted or past when we had gone to bed.  My message here: see what block there is that is keeping you from moving forward and grabbing the opportunity that life is placing before you.  There is something there keeping you from it, or else you would have already seized the moment.  Ponder, think and feel, "What is keeping me from moving forward?" in a certain area of your life.  You will be amazed at what you find.  Once you find it, you will be able to devise a way to clear it and be able to skip on down the road of life. There is a little intro to energy work for you. :)   

So all you phenomenal people out there, GRAB THIS MOMENT.  See what life is trying to hand to you.  If you have a block to it, shift some energy and skip through it.  This life is worth living-- one moment at a time!  See those windows of opportunity as sparkly golden glitter being sprinkled down from heaven on us.  We all have the opportunity to bask in it.  It's up to us whether we SEIZE THE DAY!  

Many blessings and love!! 

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