Thursday, March 8, 2012


What are you thinking when you look at others?                                   
          What emotions are you feeling?  
What energy are you sending their way?  

       I am currently reading "Love for No Reason" by Marci Shimoff.  If you want to read a book to help you create the best life ever, I tell you, this is one of them.  There are nuggets of gold basically on every page, but I wanted  to highlight one today that has touched my life.

This story is taken from page 167 written by a lady named Carol who helped Marci write the book.

          My morning bike ride always takes me past a stream of walkers, runners, and other bicyclists.  I'm naturally a friendly person, and I like to smile and say good morning to everyone I pass.  But sometimes I feel quiet or don't want to interrupt someone else's reverie, so I also make a point to "beam love" at the people I meet, whether I greet them physically or not.  Some people smile and others don't respond at all.
         One day, after having just read the research about the health benefits of hugging, I decided to turn it up a notch.  Instead of just beaming love, I have each person I passed a "mental hug."  I imagined taking each person , old, young, man or woman, in my arms and giving them a warm, sincere embrace.  The experience was amazing.  I could feel the energy in my body become stronger, brighter, and more loving each time I did it. 

              So let's break this down here.  There is some phenomenal life-changing stuff is this story.

 "Studies show that if you hug someone for six seconds or more, your body produces mood-lifting chemicals that promote bonding with others--oxytocin and serotonin....So you can imagine why Carol is as high as a kite by the time she finished her morning rides. Hugging lowers blood pressure, gives your immune system a boost, and can diminish your experience of physical pain". (Love for No Reason)

          When we "imagine" hugging someone it gives you many, if not all, of the same benefits as actually physically doing it.  Based on HeartMath research we know that sending mental hugs is good for the huggers as well as the huggees too!!"  That definitely takes on a whole new dimension to the service that we can provide others, even those whom you have never met!

So ask yourself, "Have I HUGGED someone, and hopefully multiple someones, today?"

         Here is my little story.  After reading this information of beaming love and imagining hugging, I thought that I should definitely give it a try.  My husband came home from work and said that he needed to go and buy some work pants.  When we arrived I viewed my first victims... I mean candidates. :)  I imaginde my heart being warm, large, open, and very close to my outer chest, not cold, closed and tucked away.  After imagining that, I was beaming love and "hugging" sweet people right and left.  I saw a young mom  who looked tired holding her small baby.  I imagined hugging her and told her that she is MORE than enough and she was being a phenomenal mom.  I saw others who I just embraced with all the openness of my heart and told them that they were a beloved child of God and that they were special.  WOW!! Can you say that I was literally on cloud nine?  I was filled with a feeling of bonding and connection to everyone around with an intensity and deepness that was absolutely astounding. 
            We then left the store and were driving home my soon to be four year-old declared that he was hungry so we decided to splurge and get him a bean burrito at Cafe Rio.  While standing in the line my husband caught me silently looking at people.  "Are you hugging them?"  ha ha.  He definitely caught me.  That is not what I am normally doing while we wait in a line, but it will be from now on.  

          So here's the challenge!  
How many meaningful hugs, physical and imagined, can you give today?   
At the grocery store? In the mall? Right at home?

Will you try the mental hugging and beaming love method to those who you've never even met?  

If you have experiences I would LOVE to hear about them.  Comment below.  

Sure love you all!  Have the best hugging and beaming love experience ever!!!  Until next time!  

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