Friday, July 13, 2012


YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!  You have taken a wonderful step forward to better and more vibrant health.  Below are some helpful websites that have information about culturing milk with kefir grains.  You have 1 T of kefir grains. I would start with culturing about a cup of milk per day and then increase as the kefir grains grow.  Have the best day ever!

Much love!
Elysha Maughan

Kefir Instructions With Pictures Link

Another Source of Kefir Instructions Link

Delicious Kefir Smoothie
1 to 2 cups kefir
One frozen banana
4 strawberries or 1/3 cup of berries
    (can use frozen berries)

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Enjoy! 

Enjoy browsing down below and see some whole-food recipes that taste fantastic as well as being fantastic for you!!  I also highly recommend, "12 Steps to Whole Foods", by Robyn Openshaw.  This is a wonderful manual that helps anyone transition to eating more whole foods.  See her link below. Enjoy!
12 Steps to Whole Foods Link

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