Thursday, August 2, 2012

Get Your Harvest On! Part 1 of 3.

Ahhhhh... harvest time.  Though harvest season may not be in full swing, there are a lot of current wonderful opportunities to stock up and store for later.  I am excited to put together a 3 part series of some ways that I am getting my harvest on!

What is a HUMONGOUS category of food that most are hugely deficient???????  Gallant, Glorious, GREENS!  Yes, I had to use an online adjective finder for the gallant. :)  It is unreal to see the nutritional profile of greens, put up against basically any other food.  A green smoothie is the most brilliant way to get those greens into our diet, in the delicious way. 

We were blessed to be able to visit my in-laws this past weekend.  They have a gorgeous garden and greenhouse and are very generous with their produce.  We are going to be able to have green smoothies for many moons. It took a little work, but totally worth it.  Hooray for chard!!

Don't forget all of the other greens out there that can be harvested, cleaned and frozen for a later green smoothie day.  How many of you have dandelions in your yard that have NOT been sprayed?  If so, you have a free source of a green smoothie right there.  I BUY dandelion greens from a store, I am now looking for other free sources of obtaining them. 

We have LOVED growing kale in our garden this year.  Snip, snip, and we have beautiful and nutritious kale for our dinners and smoothies.

Don't forget to buy your huge bags of spinach, available at Costco (bigger bag than Sam's Club, but SOMETIMES Sam's club has organic baby spinach) or Sam's Club, and freeze it!!

 A little bit of help for mom, maybe a little too much? :)


  1. Look at those gorgeous greens! I loved reading that you can freeze them for smoothies later, I have been wondering about that! What a gem of knowledge.

    1. My life totally changed once I learned that I could freeze greens. I was going to the store like every day. :) Thanks Barb!!