Friday, August 24, 2012

Get Your Harvest on Part 2 of 3.

 Pickled Beets- raw, live probiotics!!

I cannot think of a better way to harvest garden produce.  I have felt MANY FABULOUS, and FANASTIC benefits from eating fermented, cultured foods.  My digestion is much, much better, I am heartier and get sick less, and best of all I have more energy.  I made pickled beets yesterday and they will be sitting on my counter for about a week, happily culturing. :)  

I was going to post the recipe on this one, but them I realized that for copy right's sake I should not.  I got this recipe and SOOO many more from an informative, recipe book, Robyn Openshaw's   "12 Steps to Whole Foods".  It is an easy and fabulous way to either introduce yourself into more whole foods, or to compliment an already whole food diet.  She eats 60-80% raw and is a huge advocate of green smoothies.  It changes lives!~ ~

I believe that things made with love have higher nutrition! :)

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