Friday, November 16, 2012

Clean, Dance, and Clean Some More!

What good group of friends these are! :)  I am going to start out with basic recipes with these basic ingredients.  You can find other recipes for cleaning with doTERRA oils that have Castille Soap, borax, or some other ingredients.  I may include those in a latter post.  But in the current moment.  I really just want you to dive in and already have the ingredients you need.  There are many, many variations of these recipes.  

Experiment and see what you like best, you may could use more oils, or less, or even less vinegar, etc. Google "cleaning with doTERRA essential oils" and it always brings a good time! :)  I will give a couple of recipes just in case you have a preference.  I will write the one that I have tried first.  Don't hesitate to make these recipes your own.  I always try to go a little less on the more expensive ingredients. :)



Glass/Mirror Cleaner
2 cups water
1/4 cup vinegar
7-10 drops of lemon or wild orange oil. 

Store in a glass spray bottle and any extra in a glass jar, i.e. mason jar.  Always shake before using to distribute the ingredients throughout. 

It seems like it is going to be streaky-but just make sure to keep buffing until it is completely dry.  

Alternative recipe:
1 1/2 Vinegar
1/2 Cup Water
8 drops any citrus oil
 I threw some water on this mirror a couple of days ago so it would be dirty.  I have been having VERY clean mirrors lately, because I love using this cleaner. :)

Whoa!  Is there a mirror there? :)


 I have been LOVING using this on my wood kitchen table and a tea table that we have in our front room.  I really have to mix it well with each use and then dip the paper towel, or cloth in rather quickly, because it separates fairly fast.  After I did a first wipe-down of the wood, I make sure to do a couple of swipes with a dry paper towel, just to get rid of any oiliness  

Wood Polish

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup vinegar

10 drops Wild orange essential oil or Lemon essential oil

Cloth or Paper Towel

Mix well with each use and apply; wipe clean.  


Alternative Recipe:

1/3 tsp Olive Oil

1/4 cup Vinegar

4 drops Lemon Oil

I used a fork to mix it up before use. 

I do not have a wooden floor, so I have not tried this following recipe.  But if I did I would! :)

1 Part White Vinegar
1 Part Water
5 drops Lemon oil, 
2 drops Melaleuca oil 
5 drops Lavender oil

You could use this as a spray, or in a bucket for some mopping action. 


Inside Toilet Germ Buster:
1/2 cup baking soda
5-8 drops of doTERRA's lemon, Onguard, or Purify oil
1/2 cup white vinegar (The last recipe below uses less vinegar)

Pour baking soda, then essential oils, then vinegar into toilet.  Scrub and let sit overnight or all day, if you can.  

Alternative Recipe I:
1 Cup Borax 
1/4 C Vinegar or Lemon Juice
6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
Pour in toilet bowl, let sit at least 2 hours, scrub and flush. 

Alternative Recipe II:

½ cup baking soda
10 drops melaleuca, or oil of choice. 
¼ cup vinegar
Pour in toilet bowl, let sit at least 2 hours, scrub and flush

I will post more recipes as I try them.  I don't want 

to post anything that I haven't used and loved!  :) 

With love and joy!


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